Dolce & Gabbana Kate Ceramica 105mm Pumps


  1. I wonder if you still designing shoes for the sims 3... :(

  2. can you create some shoes for sims 3 again? :(

  3. Well, I'm loving The Sims 4 work you're doing and I prefer it since I don't play TS3 anymore and feel it has lots and lots of potential as EA/Maxis build a great foundation for many alike outside the company to work on.

    I just want to say that I truly hope you don't let people get you down with some of the comments of disappointment.
    As long as you are doing what you love and you're happiness is first, that's all that matters.
    Anyone who benefits from your work in any way though the days/months/years that you are kind enough to share it, then that's a wonderfully beautiful thing; but not as wonderfully beautiful as your true happiness.

    ~ Peace


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