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Alexander McQueen Inspired Spiked Heelless Armadillos

Hi, guys! I offer you these today :) Hope you like them :) Rather eccentric :) Don't forget to follow me on twitter :) Enjoy :)  Download


Hey, guys. I'm new on twitter, so I'll be very glad if you support me and read me. Please, subscribe. Thank you so much. I love you all.  P.S. The heelless armadillos are coming... :D Greenings, MA :) 

Alexander McQueen Sandals

Well, I just started doing them and then I decided that I may publish them too. What about this? Download

Emporio Armani Pumps

Here for you this simple and cute shoes included in one of Armani's collections. I haven't made shoes for ages, so I was rather afraid of taking smth difficult. Please, enjoy this ones! :) Download

Divinity Earrings

I'm so sorry for this brake in uploading new items, but I was so busy this days! I'll try to create something more often. :)  Download