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Christian Louboutin Lady Clou 140mm Shoes

Well, we created this together with my friend Yulyasha, she's a creator also. A very good creator! Hope you like them! Download

Arian Dress

I'm sooooooooo fucking tired, but I finished it! Enjoy! Download

Decadence Collection

Here's the collection I promised. A litеду bit antique, but I think rather stylish.     Download

Eyes To Kill 3D Eyelashes

Well, another 3D lashes. Hope you like 'em! :D You can find them in blushes! Download

Christian Louboutin Daffofile Duffy 160mm

I'm back again! And I'm planning a collection! So, I'll be absent for maybe 2-3 weeks, but I think you're used to that :D Love you! Oh, by the way, what do you think about this ones? Download