Charlotte Olympia Platform Pumps


  1. Even though your shoes are nice. none of the ankles line up on your shoes.

    1. Yeah, i really liked your shoes but they dont fit the ankles? Even when i make the legs super super small, you see holes between the foot and the legg.

  2. They're beautiful. But is it for The Sims 4, or The Sims 3?

  3. I'm suuper excited that you're making content for TS4!! Loved these shoes, absolutely stunning <3

  4. AnonymousJanuary 24, 2015 at 7:40 AM

    Even though your shoes are nice. none of the ankles line up on your shoes.

    EXACTLY, thank you. I downloaded them because I absolutely loved the way they looked, this is exactly how a shoe should look then I took a look at them ingame and oh boy...the mesh is doesn't match, the ankles on the side, seriously how could you miss that? Or did you think none noticed or hoped they didn't care? Well my dear I care and bugs the hell out of me because I really liked your designs. Really shame!
    And this was back in January now September and you clearly couldn't care at fixing the issue... oh well. There are other creations.

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