Fendi Transparent Platform Sandals

The shoe is located in the shoes and the top in the accessories because of the eccessive number of polygons.


  1. Oh, it's amazing, I have no words to describe it! Thank you so much!!!
    Can you create this? Thanks!!!

  2. i don't know why it docent apears in the game… my graphics are on hight...

  3. Mmm, it's so great! Thank you! Please, can you make this shoes: http://infosmi.net/images/stories/articles/2012/Zdorovie/10-2012/06/pralnavzyttyatyflyanakablyky.jpg
    They are so beautiful, all of your fans would have this!
    I'm sorry for my broken English, I'm not from the USA or other English-speaking contries Т.Т

  4. I love your website, you're the best sims 3 shoes creator ever!! Could you please create the 'SAINT LAURENT CLASSIC JANE ANKLE STRAP 110 SANDAL'?? I love those heels, I think they're really elegant and perfect for our more glamorous sims in the summer! THANKS!!

  5. супер , хочу хочу хочуууу

  6. I adore these shoes so much, but there's an issue with the straps. They're a separate piece found in the accessories tab and they're used as like "socks/stockings" so they have to be added separately. When they're added, they don't show up in game either way, and my graphics were set to the highest settings and still nothing. Any ideas why this could be?

  7. do you think you could make these for TS4? *u*

  8. Gorgeous!! THANK YOU.


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