3D Peep-Toe Shoes (Jimmy Choo Prototype Used)

Well'this are my first FULL 3D Shoes, and this is a NEW ERA in creating SHOES for the sims 3!
No more textures on sims' body! Only 3D parts!!!
This is how the shoe looks


  1. Очень красивые туфельки, лично мое мнение - что недочеты незначительные есть, НО без сомнений, они прекрасны, и будут одними из моих любимейших в игре =З К сожалению, я пока не смогла скачать их, ссылка не захотела работать...спасибо за туфельки=З

  2. What do you mean 3D ?

    1. Well, they are not drawn on sim's body, but created with the mesh :) View my Facebook account, I explained there

  3. They are so sexy, thank you! 3D shoes look so much nicer, I can't wait to put these on my sims.

  4. Need to fix the download, I know this is an older download , Im having to reload into new PC , says mediaFire is making a new code but it never fixes it, thank you


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