Breath of Death Earrings

Hey, guys! Sorry again for the break :( I have a very slow 3g connection during the week, so I should say that I'll update my blog only on weekend, when I come home from Minsk, where I study, but I'll upload a lot of things :) 
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  1. Антон,выглядит очень страшно!Но мне это нравиться:)Жду новой работки!
    P.S.:А когда ты принисешь свои обещиные реснички?)))

    1. Ой, спасибо) Даже и не знаю, когда))))

  2. Ughhh :D !! They beautiful !! Oh and by the way that's my birthday today so I guess that is my gift ^^ haha !!

  3. There should be an ''AMAZING!'' button here...


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