Master's Caprice Shoes

Here they are! Finally released! :)

Notice: the shoes are an accessory. I had some problems with placing the texture, so I made them in accessories. They are in "rings" category. There are also legs, that should be worn with this shoes. They represent the mesh without legs. The shoes should be worn on this legs. The 2 files are packed in the archive. Don't be afraid of the shining in CAS. It can't be seen in the game.
Enjoy! :) 


  1. Очень интересные и потрясающе красивые батиночки!Я в восторге,спасибо огромное!!!

  2. Тох, очень классные ботики, скачала без промедления! Молодца большой!

  3. Love the shoes. Anxiously awaiting your future creations.

  4. Could you please make these

    1. Where did you find those shoes? *_*

  5. Thanks a lot!

    I'll try, but don't know, if their appeal will be very similar. :)

  6. Incredible! Downloading these right now!
    It's obvious you put so much work into these - well done!! :D

  7. Just Lovely!! I love it)) Thank you))

    I also would like to offer you to exchange banners)
    Your banner is here
    My banner is here
    Hope for cooperating) Have a nice day!!

  8. Isla87, Ladesire it's a great honor for me to receive such a good comments from you! I'm working on another project: Alexander McQueen's armadillos at the moment, so, if everything is all right, you'll se them this evening.

    Ladesire, your banner is already placed. Thanks for collaboration! :)

  9. Wow, those will be a challenge haha! I'm sure they'll be amazing!

  10. lindo <3 ,eu queria muito uma parceria com seu blog eu já adicionei seu banner, eu baixei esse sapato e amei você tem muita criatividade continue assim. beijos S2

  11. Sorry, but my antivitus doesn't allow me to enter on your site. :(

  12. ich wuede diese schuhe und einige andere gerne in meinen schuhschrank finden.
    sie sind klasse


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