Bold Challenge Boots

Bold, Stylish, Defiant... It's all about them. Hope you like them! :)


  1. Love the purple and red. Wow, I'm longing for your creations! I like sims with fur coats, stoles diamond, square nails long, clothed with feathers, jumping over 19 centímentros casual pro .. (laughs). So far what I liked most was the Web Platform High Heel Boots, direct use. Oh, I'm migrating pro Blogspot also just saw the link step. Butterflies and Kisses to you)

  2. I'm very glad that you like my creations, thaks a lot. I'm now working on Alexander McQueen's armadilllos. You see, my creations don't always suit for everyday use :) Maybe for photos, photo competitions etc.
    But sometimes I have rather "wearable" ideas XD

  3. These are so cool! :D
    And you're right, these are perfect for photoshoots and things like that.
    Great work!!


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