Ball Madness Bracelet

This is the second item from my capsule collection "Ball Madness"


  1. I love your creations! Creative, elegant, bold .. simply loved it! Only two requests ♥ Mr Antonieddu. Louis Vuitton handbags: it has very little to The Sims 3, and are fabulously luxurious. And high-heeled shoes with different materials: fur, feathers, rhinestones, spikes .. I download everything, excuse me .. bye! =)

  2. Hello, Giulianne! :) I'm very glad to hear that! Reaaly, I don't see something extraordinary in my creations for now, but I see that people love & download them, so I try to do my best to satisfy them! :)
    I was just thinking about making a pair of shoes with spikes. So, I'll try.
    About handbags: I don't know, if I'll be able to create them for now, because I'm just a beginner, but I'll try too. :)

    Thank you for this wonderful comment! Have a nice day! ^_^


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