Hello, everybody!
 Last night I just realized that the style of my cheations don't match with the style of my blog. I't rather cute and fun, but the creations are rather stylish and bold.

I was listening to the music and heard this words in Jessie J's song "Who's laughing now":
Hey, Jessica,
You look like an alien
With green skin
Didn't fit in this playpen
(:lol: Even the color is right :lol:)

And I thought: this is about my blog! Eureka! I found that element that I needed! 
So, people! Wait for the changes. I'm going to change completely the style of my blog and my banner too! 
How do you think, is it a good idea?

Greetings, MrAntonieddu. ^_^


  1. I say go for, experiment and if you don't like the new one just go back to the old one, remember to save your template. I love changing my blog around.


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